The Coral Interreligiosa per la Pau


The Coral Interreligiosa per la Pau (Interfaith Peace Choir) was created on 2007 as a project of the UNESCO Association for Interreligious Dialogue (AUDIR), with the desire in mind of showing today’s society, so multicultural and multi religious, that the Culture of Dialogue and Peace is an urgent and valuable challenge.

This interreligious choir, currently formed by more than 50 singers belonging to different religious traditions, beliefs and convictions is intended to become:

  • A meeting point of coexistence and friendship.
  • A path that leads to a conversational and listening experience with “who is different”.
  • A way to develop an ability to express through songs the experience of the human and the sacred within the culture of peace.
  • A means for musical training and personal enrichment by learning vocal techniques and learning musical pieces that belong to different cultures and religions.