coral-interreligiosa-1The Interfaith Peace Choir, from 2007 to 2013, has conducted about thirty concerts, most of which have been religious acts, but has also acted in civil events.

For example, we can mention the participation in several interfaith meetings in Catalonia; intervention in four meetings, also interreligious- to commemorate the International AIDS Day in Barcelona; performance in two celebrations of the International Peace Day, in the La Pedrera auditorium and in the auditorium of Barcelona; Closing concert in two celebrations of the Catalan Parliament of Religions; on celebrations of Oriental festivals of different traditions, and concerts on several parishes, both Catholic and Protestant.

We have performed also in events of civil nature like a concert at the Casa Elizalde, at the North Station Park, the Caixa Forum auditorium, the theater of Esparraguera, the Civic Centre La Sedeta, and the Manning Patio at the request of the General Directorate for Religious Affairs, etc.